23 Sept 2021 by Scott McCulloch

A major US university is to engineer plant based meat that will satisfy meat lovers!


Berkeley University in California has just announced plans to create an alternative meat lab.

The new facility will give Berkeley’s science students the opportunity to develop plant-based meat alternatives which meat-eaters can enjoy.

Ricardo San Martin, co-chair of the new lab commented;

“There is evidence that meat-lovers would buy plant based alternatives if the taste is right.”

The move represents a giant step forward in efforts to eradicate animal slaughter through the advancement of plant based as well as synthetic, lab grown meat.

The university will challenge its students to create ‘fake meat’ which has a similar taste and nutritional composition to its animal-based counterparts.

The news surrounding the creation of the ‘alt.meat lab’ has not arrived in isolation. It forms part of a wider initiative on behalf of Berkeley, who earlier this year became the first university to offer courses exploring both meat and seafood plant-based alternatives.

In doing so, the university have made it abundantly clear that meat production cannot continue as is.

In terms of environmental sustainability alone, meat alternatives are desperately needed before we reach the point of no return.

Animal agriculture is severely damaging the planet. Farmed animals are a leading emitter of methane gas and only through the development of plant-based meat alternatives can we truly begin combatting climate change.

The Future of Meat Lies in the Lab

The conventional meat industry may be a global giant right now, but there are always those willing to put up a hell of a fight.

In a bold move, Berkeley University has declared that all their scientific findings and technological advancements pertaining to plant-based meat production will be made public record.

This means that plant based companies around the globe will have access to potentially ground-breaking discoveries, enabling them to advance the evolution of their own meat alternatives.

With growing demand, new businesses will also emerge in the alternative meat realm, giving consumers more and more choice when it comes to their Saturday evening barbeque menu.

Plant based meat is a rapidly growing market and is already attracting both young entrepreneurs and seasoned venture capitalists alike.

Berkeley have teamed up with the Good Food Institute, a not-for profit organization who have pledged to use their considerable connections and innovative marketing techniques to bring students the resources, tools and technology they need to take plant based meat to the forefront of commercial consumerism.

Fantastic News for the Animals

The development and funding of the new ‘alt meat lab’ marks the beginning of the end for the animal-based meat industry.

Just last week, JBS, a global leader in meat production, announced a whopping 79.8% percent drop in profits compared to this time last year.

With meat alternative research now being funded by a major university, taking into consideration the ripple effect this will create, we can only predict a steady decline in meat sales across the board.  

Billions of animals suffer and die every year for our meat-eating habits and although the vegan movement is doing all in its power to raise awareness, many people still turn a blind eye.

The funding and development of plant based meat alternatives will go a very long way toward finally making the raising of animals for consumption obsolete.

Way to go Berkeley!

We think it’s thoroughly amazing that Berkeley and its student are standing up to the cruel and inhumane meat industry.

Students are not simply learning about the unethical and unsustainable practices intrinsic to the meat industry; they are actively seeking solutions for a greener, more compassionate tomorrow.

If Berkeley can aid in the development of products which look, taste and smell exactly like meat, there will be no need in any capacity for factory farms or slaughterhouses, and that is always the number one goal.

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23 Sept 2021
Scott McCulloch

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