TheVeganKind Christmas Countdown Has Begun!
23 Sept 2021 by Natalie Morgan

Yes, we know it is only October but the TVK Team cannot hold back our Christmas Spirit any longer. It may be a little premature to start the Christmas Countdown but who can blame us when we have received our first batch of Advent Calendars!

We know you have probably tried your best to block out the memory of going to get your Vegan Advent Calendar on November 30th, only to discover that they are all sold out. We have all been there. Heck, just thinking about it now chokes us up. That is why we want to let you all know NOW about the Advent Calendars we have in stock so you never have to go through that pain again.

So without further ado, here is what we currently have in stock at TheVeganKind!

Divine 70% Dark Chocolate

Fancy a Christmas Countdown with a bit of class? Then you need to get your hands on the Divine 70% Chocolate Calendar. Divine chocolate is not only delicious (and slightly posh) but they are also supporting the Woodland Trust and behind each window is a chocolate woodland creature! I mean, is there anything merrier than chocolate AND supporting a good deed?

Plamil No Added Sugar Calendar

The people at Plamil are spreading the Christmas Joy by gifting us with a range of dairy-free chocolate goodness! As well as their no added sugar calendar, they also have a white chocolate & a milk chocolate calendar! Yup, they have pretty much thought of everything. Not to mention how cute they are. I mean, just look at those little elves!

Montezuma's Dark Chocolate Calendar

With a generous dark chocolate chunk behind each door, a Montezuma Christmas is a very, very happy one. You could even order one now and then another to prolong the countdown? We know, what an amazing idea! Thank us later.

Moo Free Organic Dairy Free Advent Calendar

A classic choice that never disappoints, Moo Free's award winning advent calendars are the perfect for kids! Just make sure they don't eat them all at once. In fact, make sure you don't eat them all!

Candy Kittens Sweetie Calendar

Not a chocolate fan? Even though we will never understand you, we still want to make sure you have a great Christmas Countdown by stocking Candy Kittens Sweetie Calendar!  With a sweet surprise every day, this one will definitely help keep that festive sugar rush alive. 'Christmas done the sweet way' sounds pretty great to us!

Beanies Flavour Coffee Advent Calendar!

An advent calendar that contains not only 46 sachets of assorted flavour coffee behind each door but also a travel coffee cup and a jar of Beanies coffee!? This is no joke, we repeat this is no joke! We all know just how crazy Christmas gets so some extra caffeine is definitely needed! Make sure you get yours whilst stocks last!

To save you the disappointment of another absent Advent Calendar Christmas, make sure you visit TheVeganKind Supermarket!

PS - make sure you watch this space for more Christmas stock list updates on the run up to the festive season!

23 Sept 2021
Natalie Morgan

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