TheVeganKind Christmas Countdown Has Begun! - Our Fave Christmas Stocking Fillers!
3 Nov 2022 by Natalie Morgan

Halloween and Bonfire Night have come and gone which means we can now fully embrace the Christmas Spirit with no judgement! In the eyes of TVK, you are officially a Scrooge if you think it is too early to get the Christmas tunes on and tinsel out. If there is anything good about these dark and shorter days, it is that our Christmas bling will be brighter and bolder than ever!

We believe that nothing beats the gift of giving so we want to make sure that you are all prepared well in advance. The best place to start!? Stocking fillers of course! And you best believe that we have some epic products that we know your special someone will LOVE!

*Warning, you will have to put up with this crazy, over the top Christmas cheer for the next 7 weeks. Sorry not sorry!*

Check out just some of the gift ideas we currently have that make the perfect stocking fillers!

Konjac Gingerbread Man Chamomile Sponge

Does anything say Christmas more than a Gingerbread Man!? Well, what about a Gingerbread Man that helps you look your best for the festive season!? This mini Gingerbread Man Konjac Sponge is designed to remove impurities using soothing chamomile and no harsh chemicals! Simply dampen the sponge and gently rub in circular motions over your skin to remove dirt from your pores. Chamomile is also great for tired eyes, something we all tend to suffer from after a late night festive shin-dig!

FYI - we also have a Rudolph AND Snowman Konjac Sponge because they are THAT cute!

NAF Cuticle Oil Nail Pens

Know somebody that always likes to keep their nails in tip-top condition!? Then the NAF Cuticle Pens are the perfect gift to help them with their manicure upkeep! These pocket-sized cuticle pens are perfect for on the go, made with 100% natural ingredients and packed with essential oils that will help keep their nails hydrated, healthy strong and just great to admire tbh.

Crazy Rumours Lip Balm

As the weather gets colder, lip balm becomes an absolute MUST. Instead of reaching for non-vegan, boring petroleum jelly (ew!) why not fill your stockings with vegan-friendly Crazy Rumours lip balm. They have a number of incredible flavours (seriously choc mint!? Say no more!) so you can gift everyone a different balm to try! Oh and no, you cannot eat them even if though they do smell bloody wonderful.

White Rabbit Beard Oil


Want to make sure your kiss underneath the mistletoe with your bearded hunk doesn't irritate your skin and also smells of lemon? Of course you do, so make sure White Rabbits Beards Oil is on your shopping list.  Infused with lemon, chamomile and tea tree, this will leave their beard feeling and smelling beautiful. When you think about it, this really is a gift for everyone! No pash rash here!

Cocoa Loco Chocolate Goodies!

Everyone loves a chocolatey gift, especially around Christmas time when chocolate for breakfast is DEFINITELY allowed. We love Cocoa Loco's collection especially their dark chocolate spoon! Warm up your favourite plant milk, stick the chocolate spoon in and stir to make a chocolate mug of dreams. Or just eat it like a big lollipop, whatever floats your boat. Christmas means no judgement!

Divine Chocolate Coins

Two words. Chocolate Coins. The classic stocking filler along with an orange or tangerine. It doesn't matter what age you are, everyone can appreciate a bag of chocolate coins, even more so when they are completely dairy-free! Heck, just a stocking full of these is probably they best present you could give. Christmas 2018 sorted!

Make sure you regularly visit TheVeganKind Supermarket to keep up to date with our latest Christmas Stock! Don't be shy, stick on Jingle Bell Rock, join us in being big, jolly, festive fools and get shopping!

3 Nov 2022
Natalie Morgan

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