TheVeganKind Lifestyle Box Review #TVK51
3 Nov 2022 by Eve Massie


We hope you enjoyed your Veganuary Collaboration January Box! We have had amazing feedback from your lovely selves and have loved seeing the different ways that you have been enjoying your vegan treats. We also are delighted to welcome all our incredibly new Veganuary subscribers!

So, let’s take a peek at the vegan goodies which kept you company this Veganuary: 


Schlagfix Schlagcreme                                                              (£2.49)

We are SO excited to finally be featuring Schlagfix Vegan Whipped Cream! An old favourite for so many vegans, this just shows there are incredible and delicious vegan alternatives for everything! Creamy and delicious, it’s perfect to skoosh on top of desserts like jelly or cakes, or to put on top of hot chocolate to make the best vegan hot chocolate ever. Tag us @thevegankind and @schlagfix and let us know how you eat yours – no shame in skooshing it straight into your mouth!        Twitter: @wwwschlagfixde   Instagram: @schlagfix



Fat Gay Vegan Book: Eat, Drink, Live like you give a sh!t          (RRP £8.99)  

Veganism is everywhere. But for a word that's grown so popular, what does being vegan actually mean? Through his Fat Gay Vegan blog, Sean O'Callaghan has become a no-nonsense voice that cuts through the fuss and the fads. He explains the politics of veganism beyond the plate, and why we should all aim to live a little more compassionately. So if you want to know more about the arguments for veganism, the myths around the movement--and the junk food you're still allowed to eat--then like a friendly, fat uncle, Sean is here to pat you on the back and tell you a bit more of the story. A great read from one of our favourite vegan bloggers!      Twitter: @fatgayvegan             Instagram: @fatgayvegan


Organica Golden Coconut Delight Dark Chocolate Bar      40(RRP £0.99) 

This bar is truly the heart eye emoji in bar form, we LOVE the Organica chocolate bar range! A delicious dark chocolate snack bar with a tasty coconut filling, so chewy and delightful, we can’t get enough – it’s a handbag essential so you can have one whenever you want and it’s our go to chocolate-y treat. Instagram: @geoorganicsorganica 




BRAVE Foods Roasted Peas Garlic and Chive                      35g (RRP £1.19) 

BRAVE Garlic & Chive Roasted Peas are not just delicious but also nutritional powerhouses! Packed with more protein than cashews and fewer calories than popcorn, they’re bursting with natural energy and make for the perfect on-the-go snack. They’re also locally grown and use only all-natural ingredients, with no sugar of any kind added. So, while this humble pea might look small, it packs a powerful punch! So, so more-ish, we can’t get enough of these garlicky peas!

Discount: Use code ‘BRAVEvegan15’ for 15% off of your order at!    Twitter: @bravefoods     Instagram: @bravefoods


Clearspring Organic Instant Porridge                    160g (RRP £2.99) 

In this month’s box you will find either Clearspring Organic Gluten Free Mega Porridge that’s made with nutty buckwheat flakes, coconut flakes and flaxseeds naturally rich in Omega 3 or Clearspring Organic Gluten Free Super Porridge that’s made with naturally gluten free oat flakes, roasted sesame seeds and a generous portion of goji berries. Specially blended for its flavour and nutritional characteristics, this creamy, naturally sweet and warming porridge is the perfect way to start your day. Delicious on its own or topped with syrup, fruit puree or seasonal fresh fruit! Ready in 3 minutes means that this is perfect for a warming and filling breakfast that’s perfect to start your day with as it’s high in fibre and is a great source of protein. It’s delicious on its own or with syrup drizzled over the top, fruit puree or seasonal fresh fruits. We would recommed trying with almond or coconut milk for a more creamy porridge!        Twitter: @ClearspringUK       Instagram: @ClearspringUK 


Terra Vegane Alfredo White Sauce Mac n Cheese               g (RRP £3.20)

This month we are introducing a vegan version of an all-time favourite: Mac & Cheez with White Alfredo Sauce! Easy, cheezy, delicious and the perfect comfort food, we are so excited for you all to try this organic macaroni with a creamy, stretchy sauce mix that’s all the way from Berlin. Through the combination of selected organic ingredients, plant protein sources, methods, flavours and textures Terrra Vegane, developed a high quality, creamy and delicious herby cheese sauce alternative. Perfect for lunch, a yummy dinner, a side dish or a late night snack, we added some grated Violife over the top of ours along with some garlicky spinach and it was absolutely delicious!   Facebook: Instagram: @terravegane


 Free From Fellows Rhubarb and Custard Sweets                70g (£1.89)

Free From Fellows™ is a much welcomed new line up of the UK’s favourite confectionery products and they are proud to announce the addition of totally yummy Rhubarb & Custard sweets, an old favourite of the confectionery world! Rhubarb & Custard come in a handy 70g sharing bag and are a great treat at home or on the go.  As with other Free From Fellows products, these yummy Rhubarb & Custard sweets are also made without Sugar and are gluten free too, but certainly not free from taste! Guaranteed to go down a treat, we love these new sweets!   Twitter: @freefromfellows         Instagram: @freefromfellows


 Eat Real Sour Cream And Chive Hummus Chips                25g (£0.45)

These Hummus Chips from Eat Real are guaranteed to get your taste buds tingling! Made from all natural ingredients and containing 48% less fat than traditional potato crisps, they deliver 100% crunch with every munch and are perfect with packed lunches, on the go, or as a hunger-buster 'in between' snack any time of day!  Just like all the other lovely flavours in the range, they're gluten-free, lactose-free, and suitable for Vegans, we love that they have managed to veganize a flavour that you wouldn’t normally expect to be suitable for vegans - Sour Cream and Chive! They are so more-ish and definitely one of our favourite flavours form their amazing range. Let us and @eatrealsnacks know what you think!    Twitter: @EatRealSnacks             Instagram: @eatrealsnacks

TheVeganKind Charity of the month - 10p from each box sold was donated to Veganuary!


This month, we sponsored the incredible Veganuary, who work tirelessly to help people go vegan throughout January and beyond, with lots of tips and advice along the way. It is so exciting to see how big Veganuary has grown in the last few years, and watch the sign ups increase minute by minute – by the middle of December 2017 Veganuary was getting hundreds and hundreds of sign ups a day! We are always hearing from people who have tried Veganuary and never looked back! They recently hit their crowdfunding target to make Veganuary a global campaign too which is absolutely incredible! You can find out more about them at their website and their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @weareveganuary

We would absolutely love to hear what you think of our 51st box over on our Facebook page (, or on Twitter and Instragram @thevegankind using the hashtag #TVK51 

3 Nov 2022
Eve Massie

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