This Company Offers Schools A Month's Supply Of Vegan Vitamins
13 Sept 2022 by Agi Kaja

Vegan supplements and vitamins brand Vegums is launching a scheme to provide all primary school pupils with a month's supply of vegan and eco-friendly sugar-free multivitamin.

The scheme will launch on the 22nd of September, starting in their own local county: East Cheshire. 

Vegums, a vegan and plastic-free vitamin brand are offering every child of primary school age in the Cheshire East district a free month’s supply of multivitamin gummies in a bid to combat poor childhood nutrition at a time when the support is needed more than ever. 

With many people already affected by rising costs, a further announcement that the energy price cap is going to rise than previously predicted leaves many lower income families struggling. Without school meals over the summer, and with the cost of food also rising, nutrition in children is at risk of being overlooked entirely.

Vegums co-founders John Rushton and Abdul Sharief - both pharmacists and parents themselves - have come up with a plan to provide a free month’s supply of sugar-free multivitamin gummies to as many primary school children as they can.

John Rushton said: “We know that parents want to give their children the best diet possible, but this can be difficult with busy lives and rocketing food costs. We’re only a small vitamin company but if we wait for the big ones to step up, or the government, nothing will happen. We can’t end the cost of living crisis but we can offer every primary school child a free month-supply of multivitamin gummies. They’re great for immunity to keep absence down, brain development and concentration to keep kids alert in class, and ensure that the 10 most essential vitamins and minerals are covered (regardless of how balanced their diet is).

Vegums makes a range of 4 different vegan supplements suitable for everyone from the age of 3. The vitamins come in completely plastic-free packaging. You can buy Vegums online at The Vegan Kind Supermarket - click here to view the entire range.

13 Sept 2022
Agi Kaja

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