This Is What The Stars Ate At The Golden Globes
23 Sept 2021 by undefined

The Golden Globes served 100% vegan menu for the first time in history, and it looked delicious! 

The 2020 Golden Globes menu consisted of a few amazing dishes created for this occasion by chef Matthew Morgan.

What was the meal Ricky Gervais, Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt along with other Hollywood stars enjoyed at the awards ceremony?

The guests at a party hosted by HFPA at Beverly Hilton Hotel had chilled golden beet soup with chervil and amaranth for a starter. 

The main course contained scallops made from king oyster mushrooms, served on a bed of wild-mushroom risotto, accompanied with roasted purple and green brussels sprouts, carrots and pea tendrils. 

For dessert, the guests were served a plant-based version of a traditional Opera cake.

Speaking to CNN, chef Matthew Morgan revealed that this was a last-minute menu change as the original menu included a fish dish. He said: "We had the menu with fish. Then we got together with the HFPA and they wanted to make this change to send a good message." 

Speaking about their initiative, HFPA president Lorenzo Soria said: "Over the holidays, we took time to reflect on the last year and began thinking about the New Year and the decade ahead. The climate crisis is impossible to ignore and after speaking with our peers, and friends in the community, we felt challenged to do better. The decision to serve an entirely plant-based meal was embraced by our partners at the Beverly Hilton and represents a small step in response to a big problem. By partnering with Icelandic Glacial to hydrate guests via glass bottles, eliminating single-use plastic, and serving a 100% plant-based meal, we're hoping to raise awareness around small changes that can have a greater impact. We know Awards shows have a long way to go, and we all can do better."

Leonardo DiCaprio, who is a strong environmental campaigner, applauded the menu choice by posting his thanks to the Association on social media. 

23 Sept 2021

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