Top vegan treats that your dog will love
30 Mar 2022 by Jenny Edwards

Veganism has become a popular food trend in recent years, not just in our food industry but also in the pet food industry. As a result, the market is projected to reach $15 million by 2028, a huge increase from the current value of $9 million. This market rise is, of course, due to the skyrocketing number of pet parents that are switching to vegan dog food

Why choose vegan dog food?

Have you ever heard of the dog called Bramble who lived to the ripe old age of 25 and held a Guinness Book of World Records? Well, she was vegan! Bramble enjoyed a diet of plant proteins, rice and textured vegetable protein. Although this might sound strange, many dogs truly do love the taste of certain fruits and veggies. So if you're curious, give your pup a small snack of something vegan like sweet potato or carrot (just make sure to look into whether something is suitable for them first). 

If that's not enough to convince you, then perhaps you'll take solace in the fact that the quality and nutritional value of vegan pet food has massively improved. You'll notice many new brands such as THE PACK dedicated to providing clean nutrition for your dogs. And there are even rumours of cell-based pet food becoming a reality in the near future. 

It has been proven that as long as your dogs get the proper nutrition for their size, age and health, they will likely be happy and healthy eating a vegan diet. So let's have a look at some of the tastiest vegan dog treats on the market right now. 

Benevo Adult Grain-Free Vegetable Feast with Mixed Herbs 

Benevo's Vegetable Feast is an ideal hypoallergenic choice for dogs with sensitivities (or fussy eaters) as it features a grain-free and wheat-gluten free formulation. It's also soy-free with non-GMO ingredients, and you don't have to worry about added sugar, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives either! This product also includes rosemary and tomato for natural antioxidants, seaweed for essential vitamins and minerals, and much more. 

THE PACK - No Fishy Dishy Dog Food 

Vegan fish-based dog food is certainly not something you see every day, which is what makes this product one of the most exciting new launches. No Fishy Dishy is a fish-free, plant-based complete meal for your hungry dog made with delicious, natural ingredients, including butternut squash, blueberries, seaweed, pea protein and more. It's PETA approved and specially designed for your dog's wellness and healthy immunity! 

Yarrah - Organic Biscuits for Smaller Dogs

Due to the size of the snack, Yarrah's Organic Biscuits are ideal for smaller pooches but also dogs that have difficulty digesting animal proteins. If you'd like to prevent your pet from consuming products that include chemical fragrances, colourants and flavours, pesticides and GMOs, pop these biscuits in your basket!

Scrumbles - Gnashers - Daily Dog Dental Chews

Scrumbles Gnashers are the ultimutt (get it?) dog dental chews, or should we say dental bones. With a specially formulated recipe to attack plaque and support healthy teeth and a hard texture, these dental chews will provide the crunch required to rub away plaque. They're also made with natural ingredients and are grain-free, with the promise of keeping those pearly whites white!

Benevo Turmeric & Chicory Root Tubes 

Benevo Pawtato Tubes are a low-fat, hypoallergenic treat for your furry friend. They're made with sweet potato and rice, as well as tasty chicory and turmeric. Their shape makes them ideal for chewing. 

Soopa - Healthy Bites Carrot and Pumpkin 

Pumpkin seeds are known as 'Power Seeds' as they are excellent for skin, coat, digestion and may even protect your dog against intestinal parasites and worms. These Healthy Bites make a delicious snack or training treat that's grain-free, hypoallergenic and made with human-grade superfood ingredients. 

Lily's Kitchen - Woofbrush Dental Chew for Mini Dogs: Multipack 

The Lily's Kitchen Woofbrush Dental Chews keep your dog's teeth and gums healthy while tasting divine at the same time. They're packed full of natural ingredients and will make teeth cleaning a joy instead of a struggle. This product is formulated for mini-sized dog breeds that weigh between 1kg and 5kg. 

Benevo Rumble Strips 

Benevo's Rumble Strips are soft and chewy with an appetising aroma. They only contain 3.5% fat which makes them a satisfying low-fat reward for your pup. Also, they can easily be torn or cut into smaller pieces for when you're training your doggo or hiding treats around the house for them to find. 

30 Mar 2022
Jenny Edwards

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