Vegan Beauty: Does Stila test on animals?
3 Nov 2022 by Karris

Massive beauty brand, Stila, broke hearts across the world in 2013 when they entered the lucrative Chinese cosmetics market, ending their longstanding cruelty free status. (Beauty products imported into China are required by law to be tested on animals by the Chinese government, therefore any brand who sell beauty products in China by default are directly funding animal testing.)

Stila are not a vegan brand, but do have some lovely vegan options, which is why it was so frustrating to see them take the backwards step of moving into the Chinese market and allowing their products to be tested on animals. 

As of this month, Stila have announced they have withdrawn their products for sale in China, and therefore no longer require any of their products to be animal tested, which aligns with their already existing anti animal testing policy elsewhere in the world. 

This is amazing news, and Stila are one of a number of big brands who have boycotted the Chinese market due to their animal testing policy requirements. 

We are anxiously awaiting an updated vegan list from Stila, which the fabulous Logical Harmony is in the process of collating with them, so stay tuned for that - we'll share it with you as soon as it is available!

If you didn't catch our recent post on how animal testing in China for imported cosmetics may be on its way to being eradicated for good, then check it out here! 


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3 Nov 2022

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