Vegan Burgers Are Now Available At Even More Restaurants
6 Sept 2022 by Agi Kaja

From now on vegan burgers are now available at Byron restaurants across the UK!

Imagine the crunchy chicken Clucky, now all plant-based! From the vegan B-Rex to the Vegan Smokey, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Every burger on the menu has now its vegan version.

For the vegan chicken burgers, Byron has teamed up with Meatless Farm a British company that produces plant-based meats made primarily from pea protein. While internationally renowned Beyond Meat will power the plant based versions of beef burgers.

Whether you are a dedicated vegan, trying to follow a more sustainable flexitarian lifestyle or simply want to indulge on ‘Meatless Monday’, with Byron Burger you don't need to miss out on that lip smacking, crave-worthy treat.  

Vegan burgers are available with great accompaniment. You can choose from skin on fries, sweet potato fries and crunchy vegan onion rings. Also Byron’s famed milkshakes, are now available in plant-based versions, like for example the amazing Salted Caramel Vegan Shake. 

The vegan range is available in all of Byron restaurants, for click & collect and delivery via Deliveroo.


6 Sept 2022
Agi Kaja

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