Vegan Condoms For Eco-Conscious Safe Sex
23 Sept 2021 by undefined

Can your sex life be more sustainable?  

Mmmh! Oooh! Yes! You can now have sustainable vegan safe sex!

A German company has created a vegan condom brand Einhorn - Unicorn in English. Company founders Philip Siefer and Waldemar Zeiler have built a multi million-euro business out of their vegan condoms which proves that there are many people interested in this kind of vegan and eco-conscious products. 

Why vegan condoms?

Four years ago when the founders were looking for business opportunities they researched the condom market and discovered that most of the condoms available are not vegan-friendly. They contain an animal protein called casein. Casein is found in mammals' milk and is used to soften the latex.

Siefer said, "We wanted to create a product that was easy to sell and ship online, and something where we wouldn't have to deal with returns, as that's one of the biggest costs for online sales. So condoms were the perfect product. We hadn't even considered whether they would be vegan or not." 

Siefer and Zeiler decided to create their very own sustainable brand for eco-conscious consumers that is also vegan-friendly.

“Far too many people still feel embarrassed about buying products like condoms and end up hiding them under the rest of their shopping. So we wanted to reach out to conscious consumers with a sustainable product, while also getting rid of this taboo with our fun designs,” the founders say.

The company says that most of their consumers are between 20 and 40 years old, and 60% of them are women.

What are vegan condoms made of?

Einhorn uses a natural plant-based lubricant instead of casein and an environmentally-friendly way of gathering latex — which is extracted from rubber trees. The company doesn't buy latex from large monoculture rubber plantations but works closely with a group of small plantations owners in Thailand who do not use pesticides on their lands.

Today the Einhorn condom business is worth millions, their €5 million ($5.5 million) yearly revenue proves that vegan products are gaining more and more interest. The vegan condoms market is still relatively new but is growing rapidly and is estimated  to be worth $15bn by 2026

23 Sept 2021

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