Vegan Customers Discover KFC Cooks Fries With Chicken
23 Sept 2021 by undefined

Vegan customers of KFC are slamming the chain for cooking its fries together with the chicken.

Vegans have been flooding KFC restaurants since the chain announced the launch of its new vegan burger Imposter for Veganuary. Many of them wanted to try the new vegan dish together with the fries which should be vegan as well, but they discovered that the chain cooks the fries in the same oil as the chicken wings. 

Since then the vegan fans have been raging on social media. Some of them are even saying that they've been forced to get the fries from McDonald’s. 

One KFC fan wrote: “How in 2020 are KFC offering a vegan burger, yet cook their chips in the same oil as the chicken.”

Another added: "Why bother making a vegan burger if we can't get any chips with it?!? Ridiculous."

 A third wrote: "New vegan burger from KFC is awesome. Had to get chips from McDonald’s though, as KFC’s ones weren’t vegan.”

KFC confirmed on Twitter that the chips aren't vegan-friendly.

The chain said: "Unfortunately due to kitchen constraints, our fries are cooked in the same oil as our popcorn chicken."

Customers questioned whether the chips could be cooked in with the vegan burgers, but KFC responded: 

"It's something we'll certainly look into, however with current kitchen constraints it's not something that can be changed in the short term."

Some customers even questioned whether the vegan burgers were cooked in with the chicken.

One tweeted: "Found out today when ordering a vegan burger at KFC that their chips aren't even vegetarian never mind vegan because they are cooked in with the popcorn chicken! Feeling sceptical about how the vegan chicken is cooked..."

Another wrote: "Hi KFC, can you please confirm that your new Zero Chicken Burgers are not fried in the same oil as normal chicken products? The staff at the restaurant I visited today couldn’t confirm if they were or were not."

KFC stated that the burgers are cooked separately and are suitable for vegans.

The company tweeted: "I can confirm that the Vegan burger is prepared and cooked separately from the chicken products!"

A KFC spokesperson said: “We hear you – we’d love vegan fans to be able to try our fries!"

"Our fries are 100 per cent potato, but the cooking process means they currently aren’t suitable, so it was important to us to be clear on this and not offer them as a side."

"It’s a really tricky one, but we’re working hard on it… And in the meantime, we do have other sides, including favourites like baked beans and our corn, that will go perfectly with our Vegan Burger.”

KFC added the vegan burger to its permanent menu as part of Veganuary.

23 Sept 2021

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