Vegan Egg Brand JUST Has Sold The Equivalent Of 40 Million Chicken Eggs
23 Sept 2021 by Agi Kaja

Vegan egg substitute producer JUST announced that it had sold the equivalent of more than 40 million eggs — all made from plants. The company reported an increase in sales of more than 32 million vegan eggs since July 2019.

JUST vegan egg alternative is made from mung bean, and the way it's produced makes it one of the most sustainable protein sources on the planet.

It took JUST nearly four years to develop the perfect egg replacement. The company uses production methods that are less harmful to the environment compared to traditional chicken egg production.

JUST Egg uses 98% less water, has a 93% lower carbon footprint, and uses 86% less land than conventional animal sources.

The company says it has saved 1.48 billion gallons of water which corresponds to 1,900 Olympic-sized pools, used 2,036 fewer acres of land; and saved 5 million kilograms in carbon dioxide emissions which corresponds to driving 12 million miles in a car.

This week, the startup published an "Impact Report," in which it explains how it is creating "a food system where everyone is eating well".

"We are sensing that there is no natural world where the human animal is separate from all animals," JUST CEO Josh Tetrick said.

"There is only this small, interconnected world where every breath of air and bite of food is made up of molecules that have been associated with another living thing. That there is not human health, climate health, or animal health; there is only health."

Currently, the company is working to improve its product and the packaging and to reduce its environmental impact. JUST also wants to make its products more accessible by lowering prices to become the cheapest available protein on the market.

"Whether it's the biodiversity in Borneo's rainforests, the conditions of an egg-laying hen in Beijing, the air quality in Mumbai, or the food we feed our families—we are seeing that health does not respect the walls between species, political parties, or borders," Tetrick said. 

"This view of health starts with our most important choice: what we eat every day. More than anything else, this decision matters most."


23 Sept 2021
Agi Kaja

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