Vegan Food: Blitz Patisserie decadently raw cakes
23 Sept 2021 by Karris

What a way to end the week. These delightfully spooky, Halloween themed raw cakes from Blitz Patisserie landed at TVK HQ this afternoon and were swiftly devoured by the team, who are currently hard at work preparing our third anniversary box (sign up now at - you won't want to miss it!)

There are no words to describe how luxuriously decadent these beautiful cakes are. Mouthwateringly creamy and rich, they are 100% vegan, gluten free, wheat free and most impressively, free from refined sugar - you'd never be able to tell!

Blitz Juice Bar, and the team behind these little works of art, is located in Falkirk, Scotland, however don't fret, they will soon be launching an online patisserie where you can have these beauties delivered to your door - you can sign up to their newsletter for more updates here. We foresee lots of cake-eating at TVK HQ when this launches. But hey, they are raw, so it's practically the same as doing a juice cleanse, right?!

We'd highly recommend checking out their instagram for more drool worthy pictures to tide you over until the online store launches.

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Karris x

23 Sept 2021

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