Vegan Food: Coffee Mate launch line of vegan creamers
23 Sept 2021 by Karris

It seems like every day, there's a new story in the news about the ever expanding vegan product range available from mainstream brands. This week, Coffee-Mate were the latest to join the trend, and announced the launch of four new VEGAN creamers in response to growing customer demand for alternatives to dairy products. 

The new products in the brand’s Natural Bliss line are four delicious sounding flavors: Vanilla Almond Milk, Caramel Almond Milk, Hazelnut Almond Milk, and Sweet Crème Coconut Milk. They contain only a few simple ingredients, including  real almonds, coconuts from Sumatra, pea protein, pure cane sugar, and vanilla from Madagascar.

COFFEE-MATE Brand Director, Daniel Jhung says, "COFFEE-MATE remains a leader in the coffee creamer category for one important reason - we are relentlessly focused on quality and innovation to expand our product portfolio while meeting changing consumer demands and lifestyles. We know the increasing popularity of plant-based, non-dairy creamers is not just a trend, but a consumer preference that is here to stay. Using just a few simple ingredients not only expands our natural bliss offerings, but delivers a delicious, creamy and flavorful option that COFFEE-MATE natural bliss is known to provide."

Coffee-Mate are not the only mainstream brand tapping into the growing market for vegan alternatives - have you seen our recent post about the launch of Bailey's Almande, an Almond Milk version of the famous Baileys creamy liqueur? Christmas 2018, we're coming for ya ;) By hook or by crook we WILL get ourselves a bottle of this stuff!

We are waiting for an update on whether or not we'll be lucky enough to get either of these fantastic new launches here in the UK, or whether we'll be waiting on them with baited breath the way we currently are with the infamous vegan Ben and Jerry's ice cream that we see all over instagram!

You can contact Coffee Mate on Twitter and Instagram to encourage them to release their vegan versions over here. 

Team TVK x

23 Sept 2021

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