Vegan Friendly Make Up - Beautifully Cruelty Free!
3 Nov 2022 by Natalie Morgan

With this year's festive party season fast approaching (because in the UK, the festivities usually start in November - yup, we are Christmas daft!), you may be starting to think about what you need so you can truly dress to impress. Although animal testing in the cosmetic industry is banned in the UK, it can be quite hard to find 100% vegan beauty products as many that state to be cruelty-free still contain animal-derived ingredients.

We know that Christmas time is stressful enough without adding the worry of trying to find vegan cosmetics on the high street, so TheVeganKind Team have done the hard work for you. We have a number of gorgeous beauty products available on our online Supermarket that you can purchase today to ensure you are ready to hit the tiles!

Here are just some item from our current collection!


Want to make sure that your make up stays on point all night? Then a great primer is an absolute must! Before applying foundation, primer is the first make up step that ensures your skin is well prepped to allow your foundation to go on smoothly and last longer, a necessity when you are working up a sweat on the dance floor!

Lucky for you, TVK have a number of fab primers for you to choose from! Yes we know, we spoil you but you're worth it!



A great foundation is key to any beauty routine. TVK are proud to stock Barry M Foundations that offer a beautiful make up base without the cruelty! We have two to choose from in a range of shades to ensure you find your perfect match!



Although the Christmas Season is full of fun, it is also pretty damn tiring. That is why we decided to stock a Pacifica concealer to help disguise those tired eyes. A great quality concealer that will keep you looking fresh all night long!



What is winter without rosy cheeks? We have a number of blushers in stock that will help add a touch of colour for a natural wintery look. Warning, it may also make them irresistible to Grandparents that enjoy a good pinch!



It may be cold outside but that doesn't mean we have to hold back on the Christmas glow, a good bronzer is always high on our make up list. We believe that you can never have too much bronze so we have made sure that we have a great selection on TVK!



Highlighter is all the rage (seriously, what did we do without it?) and because we love it so much, we decided to not hold back on our highlighter stock! Add some to your cheekbones and cupids bow for some extra Christmas sparkle!



Who needs false lashes when you have a great vegan mascara!? Barry M is well known for their great range of mascaras that always leave you with a lush set of volumised lashes. Our favourite is their Lash Vegas mascara which we luckily have in stock!


Finishing Powders

When out on the town we are always happy to have a bit of extra assistance when it comes to helping our make stay put because seriously, who has time to re-apply when you are busy belting out Christmas tunes!? This is where your setting powder comes in and again, TVK has a range of finishing powders so you are confident that you can swing your hair back and forth without a care in the world!




The brighter the lippy at Christmas time the better! We have a stunning range of lipsticks to suit everyone’s taste that will help add that finishing touch to any look. 

Our favourite colour for the festive season is of course red! However, we have lots of shades to choose from, go nuts!

On the run up to Christmas, we will be posting regularly about all of the amazing products we have in stock so watch this space! Here's to a very jolly Cruelty-Free Christmas

PS - If you want to know what you should be looking out for when purchasing cosmetic products, check out the Choose Cruelty-Free Website for a list of animal-derived ingredients that are commonly found in cosmetics.

3 Nov 2022
Natalie Morgan

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