Vegan Lifestyle: Why I went vegan
3 Nov 2022 by Karris

This month, we were interviewed by our friends over at Fry's family food, along with two other AWESOME, inspirational vegans (Tim Shieff and Ian Theasby (co-founder of BOSH!), to find out the stories behind our journey into veganism, and our top tips. Find the original post, and lots of other cool content, over on their blog

  1. Tim Shieff


Professional Free-runner/ Ethical Clothing Company Owner

Favourite food:

Sweet potato/ Hummus/ Watermelons

Favourite snack:

Eat Real crisps

Favourite accidentally vegan food:

Custard Donuts from Coop

Why I become Vegan?

For the animals! I felt guilty if I accidentally trod on a snail and realised my hypocrisy of paying people to kill chickens for me to eat that I didn’t need.

Top 3 tips for someone about try Veganism (that maybe you wish someone had told you):

  1. You can eat as much fruit as you want!
  2. Avocado and Marmite on toast is incredible.
  3. Visit an animal sanctuary or a farm and look some animals in the eye for inspiration and acknowledgement of why you’re making an empowered decision to try this!

2. Karris McCulloch 



Director, TheVeganKind

Favourite food:

If I am being relatively healthy, I love a nice stir-fry with tonnes of veggies and a homemade satay sauce. If I fancy a treat, Pizza all the way.

Favourite snack:

Nuts in any shape or form, but in particular salted almonds or cashews.

Favourite accidently vegan food:


Why I become Vegan?

I realised that I couldn’t be ‘just vegetarian’ and still truly avoid contributing to animal suffering, so I made the leap from veggie to vegan and never looked back.

Top 3 tips for someone about try Veganism (that maybe you wish someone had told you):

  1. Look out for hidden animal ingredients like Cera Alba (beeswax) and Carmine (crushed insects) – it’s not just meat, fish, dairy and eggs you need to look out for! There are plenty of handy guides online that can help with this – and Google is your vegan best friend.
  2. Join a local vegan Facebook group to meet like minded people in your local area who can help guide and support you.
  3. Check out for all the best high street vegan snacks that you probably didn’t even know were vegan!


3. Ian Theasby



Co-founder & Creative Director of BOSH!

Favourite Food:

Spicy Stir-Fry

Favourite Snack:


Favourite Accidentally Vegan Food:

Henderson’s Relish

Why I became Vegan:

In 2015 I decided to test myself & give up meat for the month of February. After 2 weeks I was finding it quite difficult so I started to read about the benefits of vegetarianism. The more I read, the more I learned & the more I learned the more I realised veganism is the only logical choice for your health, ethics & the environment. I’ve been vegan since the 1st March 2015 & it’s the best life choice I’ve ever made.

Top 3 Tips:

1. Watch Earthlings, Cowspiracy & Forks Over Knives
2. After you’ve adopted a plant-based diet, don’t preach but do teach. No one wants to be told what to do but most people are happy to learn.
3. Like BOSH! on Facebook for daily recipes!

For more tips, check out Fry's free Plant-Based Starter Guide!

3 Nov 2022

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