23 Sept 2021 by Karris

For over 200 years, Ireland's most iconic tipple, Guinness, has been brewed using a process that includes the use of Isinglass (fish bladders) to filter extra yeast from the Irish stout. 

The phaseout of isinglass was first announced by the company in November 2015, much to the joy of vegans up and down the land, who have eagerly awaited the announcement that came yesterday, confirming that the phaseout (in kegs) is now complete. 

Diageo, the company that manufactures the brand, said the new process for making the stout uses a system that functions like a giant sieve which doesn’t let any yeast through, eliminating the need for Isinglass. 

“All brewers want to use the latest and the best technology, we’ve been researching for a decade about how we can reduce the amount lost in the filtration process so we were excited that this might work,” said Guinness Head of Quality and Master brewer Stephen Kilcullen. 

A spokesman for Diageo yesterday confirmed that all kegs of Guinness on the market have been brewed using the new process and are therefore suitable for vegans! He added that the isinglass-free process will now be expanded to bottles and cans and those products should be vegan friendly by the end of the year. “The recipe for Guinness has not changed and the taste has not changed. It is still the same great pint of Guinness it has always been,” the spokesman said. (source, The Times)

Well, now we know what our plans are this fine Saturday afternoon - we'll see you down the pub.


23 Sept 2021

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