Vegan News: Ltd Edition VGANG Box, coming SOON!
23 Sept 2021 by undefined

Well what do we have here? A brand spanking new Limited Edition Box, launching SOON, that's what!

We have partnered up with the AMAZING Ethics & Antics brand, and will soon launch a limited number of VGANG Boxes! See statement below from the guys at Ethics & Antics:

"We can't wait to show you the VGANG box by Ethics and Antics. We have designed this box to share with you our favourite vegan brands and products. We love food that nourishes, energizes and makes you feel good.

We are an ethical vegan clothing company with a passion for cruelty free living. We were founded in East London in June 2015 with a vision to create ethically produced, vegan street wear that reflected our ethics and beliefs.

The whole idea behind our VGANG range steamed from the idea of community and being apart of something bigger then yourself which to us is what veganism represents. We wanted to create something that made people feel part of a community. A community that is here to inspire, encourage, support and love.

We have some extremely exciting things happening in 2017 with the launch of our sportswear range Ethics and Athletics. We are naturally active beings and we want people to rediscover the enjoyment of moving their bodies. We have a huge passion for physical and mental nourishment and when you combine healthy food and an active lifestyle you live vibrantly.

Tread light.  

Much love,

Tim & Millee"

Stay tuned for further updates on the launch, we know you are going to LOVE this box <3

Team TVK x

PS - Check out Tim and the VGANG on YouTube for some amazing, regular content...

23 Sept 2021

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