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Alva - Green Equinox Sparkling Harmony Powder (2.25g)

Alva - Green Equinox Sparkling Harmony Powder (2.25g)


Alva - Green Equinox Sparkling Harmony Powder (2.25g)

Brand: Alva

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    • Nature has created an abundance of breathtaking colours, and there are few things in life as varied as the riot of colours on Earth. Nature’s rich palette has been our inspiration, and in turn we hope it will inspire your creativity too. Green Equinox is versatile and easy to use, is 100% vegan, and is certified as organic by the highest international standards. Use Green Equinox for eyes, lips, cheeks or nails – it’s really up to you. Your choice of texture, tone and colour for all occasions and to suit all moods – its simple and easy to use with no need for expensive tools or countless other products. As a tribute to the many, varied and beautiful colours in nature, when combined with your imagination, with Green Equinox there are no limits. Green Equinox – a new dawn in mineral make up.

      As an Eye Shadow: using an eye shadow brush or applicator, take the required amount of powder and then tap the brush lightly on the edge of the pot to remove any excess before applying. If you want a more intense colour, simply apply the powder with a slightly dampened brush.

      As an Eyeliner: moisten an eyeliner pencil and add the desired amount of powder, then mix on the back of the hand to form a liquid texture and then apply as normal. You can mix with water, or you can use a gel such as Aloe Vera as a base.

      As a Highlighter: using a brush, take the desired quantity of powder and tap to remove any excess. Then apply as you would a normal highlighter.

      As a Lipgloss: add some powder to either clear or pale lipgloss and mix thoroughly before applying with an applicator or a cotton wool bud. You can also mix colours in larger amounts in a container by adding the desired amount of powder.

      As a Lipstick, Lip Ink, etc: depending on the consistency and vibrancy of colour you want, you can either use the powder mixed with a natural gel such as Aloe Vera, or a little water, or, just apply to the lips directly with a brush or finger.

      As a Nail Polish: add the amount of powder you want to a clear nail polish and shake thoroughly to mix. Such is the unique nature of Green Equinox you can match your nail colour to your lipgloss or eye shadow by using the same powder for each, helping to make you shade-perfect every time.


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