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Astonish - Premium Limescale Descaler (1L)

Astonish - Premium Limescale Descaler (1L)

Astonish - Premium Limescale Descaler (1L)

Brand: Astonish

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    • Use the Astonish Descaler on kettles, coffee machines, shower heads and steam irons to effectively dissolves limescale, calcium and mineral deposits, restore performance and helping to extend electrical appliance’s lifespan. Taint free it leaves no aftertaste in appliances such as kettles. Super concentrated the formula is fast acting meaning you’ll be having another cup of tea in no time.

      Dilute 1 part with 4 parts of clean water and mix in a jug or bowl. One capful equals 30ml.

      KETTLES: Half fill the kettle and boil. Switch off the kettle, Add 200ml of descaler and, if effervescence occurs, wait till this subsides. If limescale remains, reheat the kettle until water simmers. (DO NOT BOIL) Empty kettle, Refill with clean water and boil. Empty and rinse thoroughly before use. Heavily scaled kettles may need a repeat application. Do not leave the descaler in your kettle for more than 8 hours.

      COFFEE MACHINES: Pour 100ml of descaler into the reservoir and add 500ml of cold water. Turn on the machine for 1 minute then switch off and leave. Then, after 1 hour, boil the remaining liquid and empty. Boil and empty twice more with clean water before use.

      SHOWER HEADS: Immerse in a jug or bowl until effervescence stops or for a maximum of 8 hours. Rinse with clean water.

      STEAM IRONS: Unplug the iron. Add diluted product into water chamber. Select steam position and shake in a flat position. Allow to drain through the steam holes into a bowl for 30 minutes. Pump using the spray button. Rinse out water chamber and hot plate thoroughly with clean water twice before use.

      CAUTION: Avoid contact with acid sensitive surfaces such as natural stone. Refer to manufacturer’s care and maintenance instructions. Do not use with Tefal or self-cleaning irons.

      Aqua, Citric Acid

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