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Beevive - Bee Revival Kit Keyring

Beevive - Bee Revival Kit Keyring


Beevive - Bee Revival Kit Keyring

Brand: Beevive

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    • The Original Bee Revival Keyring - Inspired by a spontaneous encounter with a tired bee. This bee saving kit can be attached your keychain or backpack, for when you are out on the go and come across an exhausted bee in need of your help! The bee revival keyring provides an emergency solution to revive an exhausted bee so it can continue its mission pollinating planet Earth. It is the perfect gift for a nature and animal lover.

      Key features:

      • Strong aluminium shell
      • Contains an ambrosia® bee food syrup to feed a bee in an emergency
      • Refillable glass bottle with natural custom cork top
      • Protective inner sleeve and cork shock absorber
      • 5+ uses refillable from home
      • Designed and assembled in Exeter, UK

      Kit dimensions (excluding keyring and chain): 15mm x 55mm x 15mm

      This keyring contains a specifically formulated bee food syrup to help revive exhausted bees you may encounter on the ground. To use, simply remove the cork from the bottle using a twisting motion and tap to dispense a few drops of solution beside the tired bee.

      Please note: this product is not a toy, contains small parts. Must be used with adult supervision

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