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Benevo - Biodegradable Dog Poo Bags (120 bags)

Benevo - Biodegradable Dog Poo Bags (120 bags)


Benevo - Biodegradable Dog Poo Bags (120 bags)

Brand: Benevo

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    • Benevo's plant based doggy poop bags are certified biodegradable and compostable. Unlike degradable poop bags which simply degrade and break down into millions of plastic parts in the ground, these bags allow the metabolism of microorganisms to break the material down so it decomposes in the natural environment.

      Technically all plastic is degradable so it's important to use eco-friendly bags that can biodegrade and be composted. The source material is also important as a lot of degradable and some biodegradable bags are fossil based.

      Benevo bags use corn starch base, a sustainable and eco-friendly source of material. The 'greener choice' as the packaging says. No chemical scent added. These bags come unscented. The box is made from recycled paper and printed with water-based inks.

      The roll core is also made from recycled paper. This box contains 8 rolls, with 15 bags on each roll, so that's 120 poop bags in total.

      Individual bag size is: length 33cm/13 , width 22cm/8.6

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