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Cooking for the Senses: Vegan Neurogastronomy - Jennifer P Rhind

Cooking for the Senses: Vegan Neurogastronomy - Jennifer P Rhind


Cooking for the Senses: Vegan Neurogastronomy - Jennifer P Rhind

Brand: Jennifer P Rhind

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    • How do we perceive flavour? How can understanding the senses help us to make better tasting meals?

      Wake up to creamy avocado with fragrant orange pepper seasoning and green Tabasco dressing, snack on sweet and citrusy carrot and lime leaf kebabs and curl up with a warming bowl of butternut squash and spinach curry. An alternative way of looking at food, Cooking for the Senses introduces neurogastronomy and explains how understanding smell, taste and our other senses can be the key to making tasty, healthy food in your own kitchen. The authors explain the science of flavour and provide guidance on how to train your palate and be more mindful in the kitchen. This cookbook will inspire you with a practical flavour guide to a wide range of plant ingredients, and over 100 delicious vegan recipes for everyone that reflect neurogastronomy in action.

      Seasoned with tales of the authors' own culinary experiences, this first book on neurogastronomy for the home cook is bursting with flavour.

      • Hardcover: 320 pages
      • Publisher: Singing Dragon (21 Feb. 2018)

      Jennifer Peace Rhind and Gregor Law together have expertise in scent education, recipe creation, biology, health and wellbeing. Their passion for aroma, flavour and food has culminated in this book.

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