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Vegan Sex (revised) - Ellen Jaffe Jones


Vegan Sex (revised) - Ellen Jaffe Jones

Brand: Ellen Jaffe Jones

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    • Satisfy all your appetites, from the kitchen to the boudoir, with a simple dietary shift. Vegan fitness expert Ellen Jaffe Jones joins forces with cardiologist Joel Kahn to spotlight the latest research on how a plant-based diet can increase sexual vigor, heighten satisfaction, and boost libido for both men and women. Recent studies have found a direct connection between erectile dysfunction and heart disease, but each can be treated by the same approach. Dr. Kahn shares vital information on how to prevent or even reverse this common sexual problem while enhancing vascular health. Read real-life accounts of people who experienced firsthand the dramatic improvements a vegan diet can have on health and sexual performance. Learn which exercises make sex more satisfying, which foods are the best aphrodisiacs, and why vegan sex toys rule. Best-selling author Beverly Lynn Bennett serves up a bounty of luscious, sex-supporting recipes that will have you firing on all burners. Get ready to put love back on the menu.

      Paperback: 224 pages

      The author discusses some of the nutrients that affect desire, semen production, lubrication, body tastes and smells, as well as other changes to your body that can boost self-confidence. Readers learn about vegan aphrodisiacs and how to select sex toys and products that are either plant-based or don t contain animal products. Recommendations are provided for the best foods and herbs to support sexual health along with fun, simple exercises to improve stamina. Sex-supporting recipes will fire up the heat in the bedroom, as well as the kitchen.

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