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Gene Stone & Kathy Freston - 72 Reasons to Be Vegan: Why Plant-Based. Why Now.

Gene Stone & Kathy Freston - 72 Reasons to Be Vegan: Why Plant-Based. Why Now.


Gene Stone & Kathy Freston - 72 Reasons to Be Vegan: Why Plant-Based. Why Now.

Brand: Gene Stone & Kathy Freston

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    • Better sex, glowing skin, and more money…by going vegan

      Did you know that if you adopt a vegan diet you can enjoy better sex? Save money? Have glowing skin? You can ward off Alzheimer’s, Type 2 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and other metabolic diseases. You can eat delicious burgers. Help save the planet. Join the cool kids, like Gandhi, Tolstoy, Leonardo—and Kyrie Irving, Kat Von D, and Joaquin Phoenix. Oh, and did we mention have better sex? (It’s about blood flow.)

      Those are just some of the 72 reasons we should all be vegan, as compiled and persuasively argued by Gene Stone and Kathy Freston, two of the leading voices in the ever-growing movement to eat a plant-based diet. While plenty of books tell you how to go vegan, 72 Reasons to Be Vegan is the book that tells you why. And it does so in a way that emphasizes not what you’d be giving up, but what you’d be gaining.

      "Bestselling vegan activist Kathy Freston and the movement’s best chronicler, Gene Stone, team up to give us 72 reasons to go plant based (and better sex is just one of them!) A must-read for anyone concerned about the future of our planet, their own health, or the moral ramifications of meat-eating.”

      —Dan Buettner, National Geographic Fellow and author of The Blue Zones

      "Saving money. Better sex. A healthier heart. Beautiful skin. Those four reasons are enough for me, but there are 68 more in this magical journey through plant-based living." --DOTSIE BAUSCH, Olympic medalist in cycling and founder of Switch4Good

      Publisher: Workman Publishing (USA) (25 Jan. 2021)

      Format: Paperback 208 pages

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