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Homethings - Allthings (All-Purpose Cleaning Spray Eco-Refill Starter Pack)

Homethings - Allthings (All-Purpose Cleaning Spray Eco-Refill Starter Pack)


Homethings - Allthings (All-Purpose Cleaning Spray Eco-Refill Starter Pack)

Brand: Homethings

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    • The world is bonkers. Did you know that a typical bottle of household cleaning spray is up to 95% water packaged in single-use plastic? HOMETHINGS makes refillable eco-cleaning sprays that make sense. No single-use plastic. Powerful eco-cleaning. No transporting water. Massively reduced Co2 emissions.

      This Allthings starter pack contains 1 bottle-for-life made from 100% post-consumer-recycled plastic and 3 effervescent all-purpose refill tablets. Things you should know:

      • Smells like Grapefruit & Mandarin
      • Proudly made in the UK
      • 100% vegan & cruelty free
      • Each 5 gram tab makes 500ml powerful eco-cleaning solution
      • Use it on laminates, stainless steel, tiles, stone, marble, quartz, granite + sealed wood
      • Each tab is wrapped in a home-compostable wrapper (if you don't compost, throw it in your general waste bin)

      <5% Anionic Surfactants, Parfum, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Citral, Limonene.

      Store in a cool, dry place.

      For best results, always use lukewarm water to dissolve tabs and rinse your bottle out between refills. Always wait for tabs to fully dissolve before attaching the nozzles. For stubborn stains: spray, wait 10-15 seconds, and then wipe.

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