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Liv B's Easy Everyday: 100 Sheet Pan, One Pot and 5-Ingredient Vegan Recipes - Olivia Biermann

Liv B's Easy Everyday: 100 Sheet Pan, One Pot and 5-Ingredient Vegan Recipes - Olivia Biermann

Brand: Olivia Biermann

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    • Vegan on a Budget. Simplified. Fans already know Olivia Biermann, from her Liv B YouTube fame (1 million average monthly views!), the Liv B blog (140,000 average monthly views!) and for her effortless and inexpensive plant-based cooking. In this follow-up to her bestselling Liv B’s Vegan on a Budget, Olivia is back with a new collection of more than 100 vegan recipes that are tastier and easier than ever before ― all helping you master cost effective plant-based cooking. Everything in this book is cooked with either five ingredients or in one pot or on a baking tray. Liv B’s Easy Everyday also includes pressure cooker recipes, meal prep and freezing instructions, tips and food substitutions ― all to help you streamline your time in the kitchen. Looking to meal prep savoury breakfasts for the week? Whip up a batch of Chorizo Tempeh Breakfast Wraps. Hosting a cosy family gathering? Try Sheet Pan Pot Pie. There are lots of delicious recipes, including Frying Pan Granola, One-Pot Mushroom Stroganoff, and Liv’s Famous One Pot Mac n’ Cheese. In a world of seemingly endless tasks, to-do lists and people clamouring for our attention, it’s no wonder so many of us don’t have the time or energy to cook. Olivia is here to help.

      • Publisher: Robert Rose Inc (24 May 2021)
      • Language: English
      • Paperback: 224 pages

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