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The Vegan Kind - Eco Reusable "Hidden Message" Bamboo Coffee Cup

The Vegan Kind - Eco Reusable "Hidden Message" Bamboo Coffee Cup


The Vegan Kind - Eco Reusable "Hidden Message" Bamboo Coffee Cup

Brand: The Vegan Kind

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    • All About Our Design

      This coffee cup has been created to look beautiful in your hand, but tell a further story about the waste we humans are generating.

      You will see the beauty at the bottom of the ocean, and also at the top, but what lies beneath the waves?

      Designed in the UK and created in bamboo-rich China by our carefully chosen partners.

      Why Bamboo? Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on Earth. It is therefore highly sustainable and 100% biodegradable. The cup and the lid are both 100% bamboo!

      Top 5 Reasons for Choosing This Bamboo Coffee Cup

      1. We need to stop single usage items where possible. They are filling up landfills and ending up in our oceans. Take this reusable bamboo coffee cup out with you every day, and use it with pride!
      2. This cup will last a lifetime if cared for. It is very robust, but please don't jump up and down on it :)
      3. Made from natural bamboo fibre which regenerates faster than any other plant on Earth.
      4. Dishwasher safe
      5. The stunning design gives you a talking point, allowing you to gently remind others that single-use coffee cups have a high plastic content and are often not recyclable.

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