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Vivolife - Organic Maca Powder (125g)

Vivolife - Organic Maca Powder (125g)


Low Fat

Low Salt



Palm Oil Free

Vivolife - Organic Maca Powder (125g)

Brand: Vivolife

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    • Maca is a nutrient rich root packed with B vitamins, iron and zinc that has been consumed for thousands of years since the days of ancient Incan warriors. It is one of the most extensively studied superfoods on the planet and has been clinically proven to boost energy levels, improve mood, balance hormones and even increase fertility.

      Our unique 'super maca' undergoes a natural gelatinisation process to remove the tough starch molecules, which make raw maca difficult for the body to absorb. Gelatinised maca is easier to digest, gentler on the endocrine system, and has approximately four times the nutrient density of raw maca. It's your all in one nutritional powerhouse!

      Vivo Life maca is 100% vegan. It comes with zero added sugar, no artificial ingredients, herbicides or pesticides.

      • ENERGY: Maca is a natural energy booster that has been used for thousands of years to promote strength, stamina and longevity. Rich in B vitamins, iron and zinc.
      • HORMONES: Maca is an adaptogenic herb that helps to balance hormones, improve fertility and even increase sex drive
      • MOOD: Maca is a natural mood booster than increases production of serotonin, our 'happy hormone'.
      • VEGAN: Gelatinised maca contains NO gelatine! Our maca is 100% vegan friendly as certified by The Vegan Society. Gelatinisation is a cooking process that makes maca easier to digest.

      Add 1 to 2 teaspoons to your favourite recipe

      Energy 377Kcal
      Protein 10g
      Carbohydrates 75g
      - Of which sugars* 25g
      Fat 2.2g
      - Of which saturates 0g
      Fiber 8.5g
      Iron 15mg
      Calcium 250mg
      Zinc 3.8mg
      * Naturally occurring sugars
      • Celery free
      • Crustacean free
      • Egg free
      • Fish free
      • Lupin free
      • Milk free
      • Mollusc free
      • Mustard free
      • Peanut free
      • Sesame seed free
      • Soya free
      • Sulphite free
      • Tree nut free
      • Wheat free

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