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Young Mary's - Kano Candle (Travel Size)

Young Mary's - Kano Candle (Travel Size)

Brand: Young Mary's

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    • Each fragrance in Young Mary's Signature Collection is inspired by the richness and vibrancy of a bustling African site or city. This warm, woody scent takes inspiration from Kano, the commercial centre of Northern Nigeria. This city has historically dominated the tanning and dyeing industries, which is translated through this incredible scent.

      Dimensions: 60mm x 50mm x 60mm

      Blended mineral & vegetable candle wax, scented fragrance oils, 100% cotton braided wick.

      Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects. Keep out of reach of children. If product gets on skin: wash with plenty of soap. Seek medical help if rash or skin irritation occurs.

      These travel candles allow you to take a little piece of home wherever you go! With proper use, these candles are likely to have a burn time of about 24 hours. For proper care ensure you: Cut candle wick down to 0.5cm before each use, Always burn these candles for a least 2 hours at a time, so the burn evenly. Do not burn for over 4 hours, as this may result in overheating, Keep lit candle away from anything which may catch alight.

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