Date Spider

By Velvet & Vinegar

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Servings: 1

Total time: 2 h

Preparation time: 2 h

Cooking method: Other

Difficulty: Intermediate

Yummy Pretzel Chocolate Date Spider


1 Date
Cashew butter • 1/2 tsp
Dark chocolate • 50 g
3-4 Pretzel sticks



1. cut the date in the middle, remove the stone, fill with cashew butter & press together gently 2. melt the chocolate in a water bath, if the chocolate is very crumbly add some coconut oil, turn the date in liquid chocolate and let harden on a cake grid 3. cut the Pretzel sticks in half, glue the halves together with the liquid chocolate to form spider legs at the points of breakage and leave to harden on baking paper. 4. spread some of the liquid chocolate on the chocolate date and attach the legs to the date. Also glue the sugar eyes. Let both harden. *If you have liquid chocolate left, you can make several chocolate dates at once. They are a delicious snack!

Cuisine: American Category: Party Food

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