Violife Vegan Breakfast Bowl

Image of Violife Vegan Breakfast Bowl

Violife Vegan Breakfast Bowl

By Violife

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Servings: 2

Total time: 10 min

Preparation time: 10 min

Cooking method: Other

Difficulty: Beginner

Vegan Breakfast Bowl made with Violife Creamy Original.


Violife Creamy Original • 200 g
pineapple juice • 150 ml
fresh goji berries • 2 tsp
walnuts • 2 tbsp
1 banana
blueberries • 1 cup
chia seeds • 2 tsp
oats • 2 tbsp



Whisk the Violife creamy in a bowl with the pineapple juice.


When smooth, add two tablespoons of oats and stir slowly. Chop the banana.


In a bowl serve the creamy mix. Decorate with the banana, fresh goji berries, walnuts, blueberries, chia seeds and oats.


Made with love using Violife Creamy Original.

Cuisine: Greek Category: Breakfast

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