Win Prizes

There’s no better way to bring people together than with delicious, 100% vegan food! TheVeganKind Recipes is largely user-led, with our amazing TVK family supplying the recipes. We have an administrator vetting the recipes, and a set standard to ensure everything is the best quality! We promise this is a haven for vegan recipes, that one perfect source that you can rely on to find fresh and innovative new content regularly. Just sign up, save and keep track of your favourite recipes to revisit later! We work with the very best content creators and celebrity chefs as well to give you unique, high-end recipes to try out in the kitchen.

You can even win prizes!

Each month we’ll select one lucky winner to win a Team TVK hoodie or jumper of their choice AND a £25 TVK Supermarket voucher! Our jumpers and hoodies come in black or grey, and a range of different styles like crewneck, pullover and zip-up. And they’re super soft and comfy! How do we choose our winners, you ask? We look for high quality, creative dishes with great photography, and we also take into account how the recipe has been rated by the community. The more people love your dish, the more likely you’ll win! Your recipe will also be placed in our ‘Winners Gallery’, where we hope to add a picture of you in your new hoodie or jumper!

All about community

We know in times of need, communities come together – and that is just what we are trying to foster, a togetherness built on the right foundations. A community of people who want to make a difference to the world, who are empathetic, compassionate and kind. A community of people who are TheVeganKind! We cannot wait to see all your recipes coming through 😍

Lots of love,

Team TVK 💚x