#TVK97 (November 2021)

Inside the Box

Whitaker's Dark Chocolate Strawberry Creams 150g (RRP £1.85)

Available at The Vegan Kind Supermarket!

Rich dark chocolates with Strawberry infused fondant centres. 15 indulgent cream filled chocolates presented in a cute and giftable box. Whitaker creams are a firm favourite here at TVK so we’re excited for you all to try the strawberry flavour this month!

I Am Nut OK Oh, Grate! 100g (RRP £4.99)

Available at The Vegan Kind Supermarket!

I AM NUT OK Oh, Grate! is a plant-based alternative, sans the cheese and full of the flavour. We cannot legally describe this as a vegan parmesan, so we’re not! It’s not parmesan in any sense - but it is a delicious alternative of something else. Something… cheesy and

Perfect to sprinkle on top of pasta, soups, salads, or straight into your mouth - it’s addictively good. Once you get a taste of these little grains of umami magic, you will wonder how you ever went without it!

Harvest Snaps Sour Cream and Chive Lentil Rings 21g (RRP £0.75)

Delicious, vegan friendly sour cream and chive flavour alternative to one of our all time favourite crisps - onion ring crisps! This new launch from Harvest Snaps are oven baked and at least 50% natural veggie. They are a great source of protein, plus these tasty rings are gluten free, high in fibre and low in saturated fat.

Neat's Hand-Crafted Hot Thai Chilli Rice Crackers 20g (RRP £1)

Available at The Vegan Kind Supermarket!

The UK’s first hand-crafted rice crackers, inspired by a
survival food once eaten by the warriors in Old Siam.
Deliciously spicy and delightfully more-ish, we can’t get enough of these.

M*lkman Chocolate Oat M*lk 250ml (RRP £2)

Chocolate M*lk was something really missed at At M*lkman, they firmly believe you’re never too old to enjoy it and being something that’s not at all readily available, they made an absolutely delicious one for their own selfish needs, and we’re so glad they did. It’s thick, creamy, coconutty & incredibly bloody nice.

Piper's Cawdor Hills Garlic & Herbs Pitta Chips 27g (RRP £1.10)

The garlic used in this scrumptious new launch from Piper’s is grown in the Allingham family farm based at the foot of the Cawdor Hills in Scotland. The large porcelain hard neck bulbs deliver a sweet release of flavour, that you can really taste in this yummy alternative to potato crisps!

Buttermilk Dairy Free Salted Caramel Cups 42g (RRP £2)

Available at The Vegan Kind Supermarket!

Naturally delicious bite sized fun. Buttermilk's indulgent creamy chocolate is deliciously dairy free! What’s more, it’s packed full of tasty natural ingredients, so you can treat yourself to a wonderfully moreish, gooey, velvety, chocolatey cup of goodness. Mmm. The perfect grab and go size to take with you anywhere!

Fruu Avocado Almighty Balm (RRP £5.49)

All-purpose natural balm sustainably made from wonky fruit ingredients. Made with 100% natural ingredients and blended with organic essential oil. Smooth and buttery consistency that is instantly moisturising to your skin. Recycled aluminium tube packaging containing 95% less plastics to similar products on the market. Provides great protection and moisturisation to lips, hands, elbows, and all skin areas!

Featured Charity / Campaign of the month

Birch Hill Dog Rescue


This month we will be sponsoring Birch Hill Dog Rescue. First set up back in 1996, Birch Hill Dog Rescue has always offered unwanted, abandoned and neglected dogs the very best of care. Much needed maintenance is currently underway bit by bit and they are still saving dogs, caring for them, and then finding them their forever homes. You can find out more about them at their website birchhilldogrescue.org.uk.