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#TVK99 (January 2022)

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Flower & White Vegan Double M*lk Chocolate Meringue Bar 20g (RRP £1.29)

Available at The Vegan Kind Supermarket!

Say hello to the brand-new VEGAN Melting Chocolate meringue bar smothered in M*LK Chocolate – Flower & Whites first ever plant-based indulgent treat. The meringue bar that you know and love is now Vegan friendly! Available in two irresistibly light and creamy flavours. Flower and White create all natural, low calorie, better for you, indulgent snacks and treats. And their new vegan recipe is just that, with all of the creaminess of milk chocolate but 100% dairy-free. Continuing their promise to tread lightly on the planet, their new vegan bar is packaged in recyclable paper.

Crave Pickled Onion Flavour Monster Feet 80g (RRP £1.80)

Available at The Vegan Kind Supermarket!

A message from the Fab CRAVE team: “Gluten free vegan pickled onion flavoured snack. They aren’t real feet, but they are ruddy delicious! Vegan, gluten free, milk, lactose and egg free. We develop and make products we think are good enough for everyone, whether you have an allergy or not. We are all about taste and making products that are normal, so normal they are extraordinary. You’re welcome✌”

LoveRaw Caramel M:lk Choc Bar 30g (RRP £1.69)

Available at The Vegan Kind Supermarket!

The latest launch from the amazing LoveRaw! Smooth and silky vegan m:lk choc, filled with a soft gooey core of golden, velvety caramel. So good you won’t believe it’s vegan. Gluten Free. No Artificial Nonsense. No Palm Oil.

Bebeto Banana Raspberry Dyna Splitz 200g (RRP £1)

Available at The Vegan Kind Supermarket!

Try Bebeto's fabulously fruity Raspberry and Banana Dyna Splitz, made with fruit juice and no artificial colours. These chewy Raspberry flavour pencils with a soft banana flavour filling are sure to tantalise your taste buds!

MyVegan Double Dough Brownie 60g (RRP £2.49)

This brand new Vegan Double Dough Brownie from MyVegan is the perfect guilt-free treat, whether you’re on a plant-based diet or simply looking for a chocolatey, high-protein snack. Each low-sugar brownie is loaded with at least 7g fibre, making it ideal for those moments when you just need something sweet, but want to work towards your health and fitness goals – and it has 13g of plant-based protein, helping to grow those all-important muscles.

Delicou Original Bacon Seasoning 55g (RRP £5.49)

Based on plant-based ingredients Deliciou’s Bacon Seasonings are made without artificial ingredients and have Zero Calories, Zero Carbs and Zero Fat per serve. They are vegan, GMO free, contains no nitrates and are gluten free. They even got them Kosher certified. You can flavour your meals
with confidence!

TASS Calendar 2022 (RRP £5)

Tass (Tribe Animal Sanctuary Scotland) was started by John and Morag, who decided to put their beliefs into action and create a space where animals are cared for and humans can connect with them. They want to challenge the cultural construct whereby some animals are lavished with love and affection (pets) and some are not shown a basic level of compassion because they are considered ‘food animals’. They would like to bridge that gap by showing that ‘food animals’ can be as loving, funny, engaging and communicative as any other animals, and hope to foster a better understanding of our relationship with our fellow creatures. Every animal at TASS has a story, and they would like to tell you about them, and share their compassion and respect for these beautiful creatures.

Nando's Vegan Perinaise 265g (RRP £2)

Nando’s famous Peri-Peri, subtly blended with egg-free mayo. Smooth, creamy and completely vegan. A hint of Peri-Peri heat, a heap of flavour and a whole helping of creamy deliciousness (with absolutely no egg). Say hello to your new vegan squeeze! Use it as a slightly spicy dip for chips and crisps, or give a creamy bite to sandwiches and salads.

Featured Charity / Campaign of the month



This month we will be sponsoring Veganuary, non-profit organisation who inspire and support people worldwide to try vegan for January and beyond. During the 2021 campaign, more than 500,000 people took their pledge to try a vegan diet, while more than 825 new vegan products and menu options were launched in their key campaign countries. The Veganuary team work tirelessly to promote veganism and help people go vegan and save the animals, they have helped so many people go vegan since they first started! You can find out more about the work Veganuary do at